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Travel Guide Of Multan

  • Why Booking Cheap Flights from Lahore to Multan

    Multan is one of the famous cities of Pakistan. It is regarded as the most important one located in southern Punjab. It is also called City of Saints. Many of the greatest Islamic preachers have been born here. It is extremely hot climate as compared from some of the cities of Pakistan. Multan is considered to be larger city in terms of population. People of different demographics live there.Tomb of ShahrukhAlam is a popular site there Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din AbulFateh was one of the He was born in the famous city of Multan during the holy month of Ramzan. He was the teacher of Sufism and Islamic law. His tomb has been recognized as a global site by the United Nations of Pakistan.

    Education provided in the city of Multan is of high quality. The graduates and post-graduates can be employed for different jobs in various cities of Pakistan.Besides having religious sites, Multan has also many entertainment related areas which are like theatres, cinemas and art galleries. People go to these areas to get themselves amused. Ancient museums are also present which has preserved the heritage of ancient Pakistani civilization. 3D movie houses are also present in the city. Tourists go to them for watching Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood films. Multan has also offices of many international companies which have an important factor for contributing to the economy of Pakistan.

    Every type of sports is played in Multan like cricketing Cricket is very popular for the people of Multan. Many of the young teenagers have a dream becoming cricketers and play for Pakistan internationally. National team of Multan also plays in Pakistan Super League. Besides cricket, hockey, football and polo are also played there.International shopping centres are also opened in the city of Multan. The city has many mega retail outlets which contain shops of different brands, restaurants are also available there.

    Many of the areas are reserved for the kids and children which attract families from all over Pakistan and internationally.Multan has both agricultural and industrial economy. All of the export crops are grown there. Some of them are also brought and sold in other cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar etc. FareMakers is one of the largest travel companies of Pakistan which provides cheap flights for different domestic and international destinations, reservation for different hotels and car related services.

  • Yadgar e Shuhada Park

    Yadgar e ShuhadaPark is a park located in Multan which contains different swings and rides for the children. It is very huge parks. Tourists with their families come to this park for the purpose of being relaxed.Multan is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. It has also many mosques are there. Temples and gurdwaras are also patient. All of the modern transportation facilities can be accessed by the major tourist who come from Pakistan and internationally. Government of Punjab has built motorways to connect it with other cities of Pakistan. International airport is also present there in Multan.Various crops are also grown in the city of Multan which contains which some of the major export crops of Pakistan like wheat, cotton and rice etc.

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